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The Multimedia Fanatic
The computer music reproduction - as it is today - is a joke. Ugly tiny shitty speakers are making your desk look like a cheap Chinese bazaar, and your hears are in hell.
More, your head must stay rigidly between the speakers to get an (often artificial) sense of space. If you appreciate quality, the small JOB Speaker and JOB Stereo amp are bringing to your desk, with a small footprint, the realism of the most exotic ultra-high end stereo systems. For a dumb reasonable price ! This is not for cheapos, but for the serious workers, the game developers, etc.. or for those who enjoy high quality music during their computer work (as we do). If you use a better sound card with digital SPDIF output, the new JOB DA is the absolute best way to convert your signal to analogue for your Job Stereo.
And because we decided developping more JOB products for the computer sound fanatics, expect a lot more soon.

The Audiophile
If you want the hottest amp today, fastest, finest, most dynamic, forget the usual big stupid audiophile's machines. Get a JOB ! Easily fitting close to the speakers, the JOB Mono has built its legend among professionals and High-End amateurs. The JOB STEREO, JOB DA, JOB 200 and JOB 400 are fast gaining the same reputation. Best informed Audiophiles around the world know that we developped the audio circuit of the phenomenal Goldmund Power Amplifiers, including their latest Millennium, which, we think have absolutely no equivalent in the world for sound quality.

The Home-Theater Family
As a small TV extension, nothing can bring you a better improvement than a JOB. Halls sound natural, intelligibility dramatically increases. If you love today's action movies, you can get great bass extension with our new JOB Sub-Woofer.
Even if you are a fanatic of 4, 5 or 6 channels (who knows, these days ?) Home-Theater effects, the JOB Speaker and its Sub-Woofer are easier to locate, much more accurate in space reproduction, and (with a JOB Amp, at least !) much more impressive in dynamics. And everybody benefits of the perfect multi-channel effects, even if you get friends with you, because the JOB Speaker provide a space recreation which is virtually location-independent.

The Bedside Stereo Lover
deal micro-system for bedrooms, offices, kitchen, study, etc... A JOB System (amp and speaker) is the hottest high-tech, "in" small stereo money can buy... More, it is easily transportable, ideal for outdoor temporary use.
In multi-room systems too, the speaker location becomes easy, the separate or built-in amp provides a sound of uncanny transparency and realism compared to usual multi-room speakers.

To know more, see our simple set-ups in the configuration page with drawings.

JOB News | The JOB Products | New JOBs coming soon | The JOB Configurations
Who is JOB ? | JOB Techniques & Advantages | How to get a JOB ?

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